Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday evening...

Hubby and I went down to visit Peanut this afternoon. Both of said we just couldn't get down there fast enough. The drive felt like it took FOOOR---EVVV---ERRRRRR.

Once we got there - it was kangaroo time.....and that's all we did for 2 hours. I held the bebe and Hubby sat next to us.....and snapped two pictures.
Here is our sweet boy. Today he weighs 2 pounds, 11 ounces or 1.216 kg's. He is almost back to his birth weight!!!!!

Disclaimer of pictures. I am clean- had a shower - promise, but no makeup and I had my hair up in a clip - but have to take it down so I can sit comfortably (otherwise the clip jabs me in the head...) so glamour shot today I am not. You care, right? And have you ever seen such puffiness under the eyes (i photo shopped them out of the color one - hehe!)

Do I look happy or what? It is the best feeling to get to hold him!!!!! He is so sweet!!! And he likes when we smooch on his head too!

On a side note, the kids still cannot see him. Swine flu has kept the unit on the "no one under 18 allowed - unless you are a parent" lock down. Pootie was supposed to go this afternoon with us and then Crash and Lola were going tomorrow. None of them are happy about that news.

Oh and to just clear up definitions for ya, the swine flu has been deemed a pandemic because of how it is spread NOT because of the severity of the virus. Worldwide there are only 770ish some cases of it and 450ish of those are in Mexico. More people have died from the regular flu then the swine flu. Folks need to wash their hands!!!!!! EWWWWW - keep the hand sanitizer with ya - use it!!!! There was a great article in the Charlotte Disturber today about case 1 and how they think it spread. It was very interesting, told Hubby that it read sorta like a mild version of the movie (had to bring a movie into it) OUTBREAK. (I LOVE that movie, Dustin Hoffman did a great job in that! And can we talk about how ugly Patrick Dempsey looked in this flick with that virus? another ewwww)

And just in case you think that the hand washing just isn't enough.. you can always get your complete pandemic flu kit.


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