Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's a picture perfect day..

(slight exaggeration - weather is slightly iffy round these here parts...more thunderstorms so says the SEVERE weather people..cause lord knows we can't just call it the dang weather report....)

Back on track...

Today's weight is......3 pounds 11.8 ounces!!! AND he now gets to have all is feedings via bottle as long as he is tolerating them!!! (if he decides he doesn't want to take a feeding via bottle, they will then give it to him via his tube.) And he can have as much as he wants as long as he gets his minimum, which I think is 29 ml's!!

He is still doing his normal nursing bit - latches on, nurses for a few minutes and then sacks out. Again, in an effort to NOT tired him out, we only let him do this on for about 15 minutes and then give him his bottle. Nursing is hard work (for him, not me) and the idea is to NOT have him work so hard and burn calories...
The rest of today will be summed up in photos...some are from Sunday when my brother FINALLY got to meet Peanut. Chris surprised us all with a visit this weekend. My kids were thrilled. Side note about Chris...he is a germ-a-phobe- and was so afraid that he would give the baby some type of Monongahela crud, (he kept saying the army could be secretly injecting him with a "something"....he wanted to wear a mask. We kept waiting for him to try to sneak the foamie hand sanitizer out of the hospital...he must have foamed up a million times!!!!Loser. Anywho, Amanda took some pictures for us, since I forgot my camera....Thanks Amanda!!

Goober even put on rubber gloves.. I had to make him touch the baby's hands!!! (We had just come from church, which is why I have a skirt and look a little bit nicer than death warmed over)

And this is Chris and Amanda -

And Chris and Crash

This is Amanda's sister's little girl, Reese - I just think she is adorable.

And this is Amanda's baby, Panda. This dog is SPOILED ROTTEN!!! (Isn't she Amanda?)

And my brother tries to act all "billy bad butt" and pretend that he's too cool to spoil the do ya think that's working for him?

This was taken this morning, as you can see, Peanut was quite happy sleeping on his daddy....

And this was after his 11 am feeding. I nursed him for a bit, then he took the bottle, then I had to put him down for a few minutes so I could pump. (no more going without pumping like I did the other day...bad idea!!!) He was very awake here so I stood next to him pumping and we just talked and I held his hand...He's wearing a very cute little zip up footie outfit from my friend and fellow PTA'r, Carol P.

Neuro Doc came back by today to check him again, and decided to move the scan from the 8th to the 1st and then hopefully that will be the last that we see of him! Neuro doc is super nice so it's not personal - :)
Say your prayers.....

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