Friday, May 22, 2009

The Saga of the boob

That's SAGA not sagging by the way!

Little Peanut is doing great today! TODAY, he weighs 3 pounds 5.8 ounces. (Yesterday the nurse had inadvertantly written 15.3 ounces so I was shouting that from the rooftop, but it was just 5.3 ounces, which is still fabulous! You can see the "typo" in the picture )

He is up to 4 of his 8 feedings being by a bottle. Fabulous! AND he got to be on the boobage again today.

TODAYS SECRET - the answers to your boobage question

Several have asked about how yesterday's first introduction to the big ba-boob-ka's went. I peronsonally thought that it was just fine. I went in with very low expectiations since it was his first time. I thought there was no point in getting myself all worked up over something that full term babies sometimes have a problem with....

But he did great. He latched right on.

That shocked the stew out of me. That was my biggest concern, no pun intended.

MY BOOB LOOKS HUGE, his head is so tiny... how in the name of all that is good and holy was he going to get HIS MOUTH on my BOOB??? But he did just fine. He didn't gag (preemie babies have to learn to suck, swallow and breathe at the same time, so gagging is something that happens alot with them) and he nursed for about 4 minutes and then HE WENT TO SLEEP! The nurse said for me to let him just "hang out there" on my boob for a while, so I did. He slept for about 20 minutes with my boob in his tiny mouth. Every so ofter he would look up at me and smile, then go right back to sleep.

Today, we tried again (this is a process to learn) and the lactation gal Ruth came down "cause I asked her too" to make sure he was good to go - (same lady that got me started when I was in the hospital after having Peanut). And he did great again, latched right on, nursed for five minutes, slept, nursed for a few more minutes, slept.

These two test runs were "scheduled" test runs, as in they were coordinated around his feeding times. After talking with the Nurse Practioner today (she is fabulous, as are all of them) it was decided that (a) he didn't have to do every other feeding as a bottle, and (b) if he was awake and is rooting for the boobage, to let him have it, regardless of the time.

One of the things about being in the hospital is that everything is sooo regimented and she said, if he were home, you wouldn't necessarily be that way and since he is doing so well - lets give him more control of the time.

Works for me.

Soccer tryouts are over!!!!! Both Pootie and Crash are happy with their teams. (Crash ought to be, his daddy is the coach!) and Pootie is on a team with buddies. Hubby is happy and I am happy - cause I stayed out of the mess and honestly did NOT stress about the week.

Have a safe weekend - it's Memorial Day weekend. The kids have school on Monday and they came home today trying to convince me to let them stay home. They'll be there.

And for those that are now complainig about having to go to school on Monday - bet you were one of the ones all yippie skippie happy about that last snow day, weren't ya? SEE WHY I HATE SNOW!!!!!


Merae said...

such great news! love all the details - i feel like we are talking face to face. i hope you have a wonderful weekend. love you, merae

Paula said...

I love the details. I remember when I first breastfed Ryan when he was in the NICU....well I can tell you the story one day...will make you laugh! I recall how big I was and how little he was. I hope you had a great Memorial day. Ryan spoke and read a book to your daughter's class today. They each got beach pails as well.